Eli to offer advice to big brother

Peyton Manning is heading to New Jersey next week with the Denver Broncos to play the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium, and he'll get a helpful scouting report from his little brother.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who plays his home games at MetLife Stadium, said he'd be offering Peyton tips on the stadium's quirks, especially as they pertain to potential winter weather conditions such as strong winds.

"I might have a few things for him, but I don't want to reveal that, because I don't want to give it to [Seahawks quarterback] Russell Wilson," Eli Manning said on a conference call Thursday. "So any tips I may have wind-wise, I would tell him in private."

Eli Manning did share his opinion that MetLife Stadium doesn't present the same kind of wind challenges for which its predecessor, Giants Stadium, was famous.

"The old stadium definitely had a specific end zone and corner that you wouldn't want to throw into if it was going to be a windy night," Eli said. "If it is one of those windy days, then there is a little bit of local knowledge that you can give. But it's definitely not as bad as the old stadium."

Eli attended the Broncos' AFC Championship Game victory over the Patriots in Denver on Sunday and spoke to his brother after that game. He said this week, he and Peyton have mainly been texting as he has worked to help Peyton with tickets for friends and family and other non-football aspects of the Super Bowl preparations. Eli said he remembers Peyton helping him in a similar fashion two years ago when he and the Giants were playing the Super Bowl in Indianapolis and Peyton was still a member of the Colts' organization, and his mission is to lessen the off-field burden so Peyton can focus on on-field preparations.

As for the question of whether Peyton needs to win a second Super Bowl in order to be counted as the greatest of all time, his proud little brother seemed to disagree.

"I think he's already created his own legacy, and he's played at a very high level for a long period of time, has overcome injuries and obviously set numerous records and been on a lot of playoff teams and is playing in a third Super Bowl," Eli said.

"I don't think that's something that he's worried about. There will always been arguments about who's the greatest, who's the best. If you're in that argument, and your name is being thrown around in there, I think you've already created a pretty good legacy. He's a competitor and he wants to win championships. I think that's what he's thinking about."