Seahawks: Don't judge QB by height

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- Yes, Seattle Seahawks players on offense know their quarterback is short. It's not a news flash.

Still, they heard numerous questions Monday from the media about Russell Wilson's lack of height, and they were ready for them.

"I saw what was in his heart before I saw his stature," offensive tackle Russell Okung said. "Russell is just an amazing man, always looking to make the great play."

The word great, in some form, kept coming up when teammates described Wilson.

"What I respect about him the most is his relentless will to be great," fullback Michael Robinson said. "He is really serious about his craft. He is into every possible detail of his game."

Receiver Golden Tate, who is 5-foot-10, knew better than to judge Wilson -- listed by the Seahawks as 5-11, 206 pounds -- based on size.

"We're both little guys," Tate said. "But the thing about Russell is he's always chasing greatness, and that's contagious. We feed off it."

Tight end Zach Miller acknowledged he was a little skeptical when Wilson arrived in Seattle as a rookie last season.

"Sure, I noticed he was short," Miller said. "But he won me over so quickly. The first thing I noticed was that he's a playmaker. He was making these throws where I would think, Wow. This guy's got it. And he just wants to win so badly. You love playing with a guy like that. He makes you better."