Josh Sitton: 'Tough to get over'

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Josh Sitton would have rather gotten blown out -- or not even made the playoffs at all -- than suffered through Sunday's NFC Championship Game collapse.

That's how the Green Bay Packers Pro Bowl guard felt on Monday, a day after the Packers blew a 16-point halftime lead and lost 28-22 in overtime to the Seattle Seahawks.

"Anytime you feel like you should have won, it's tough to get over," Sitton said as the players cleaned out their lockers. "And when it's the last one, it's very difficult to get over. You feel like it's a waste of seven, eight months. What's the point of getting this far? I'd have rather not even made the playoffs."

Sitton said he tried to watch the film on the plane ride home Sunday night but shut it off.

"I couldn't watch it," Sitton said. "I knew what happened. We kicked their [expletive] up front, and the whole game. We handled them all day. We should've won the game."

It was a somber locker room on Monday, perhaps even more so than immediately after the game, when the Packers were still stunned that they blew a 12-point lead in the final four minutes.

Receiver Randall Cobb said he couldn't sleep when he arrived back in Green Bay late Sunday night.

"It felt like a nightmare whenever I did fall asleep, then wake up in the middle of the night and think that things didn't go the way they did, and for us to be done with the season," Cobb said, pausing to think for a few seconds. "It's kind of blindsiding."

Sitton may be right that the Packers dominated the game, but not in the final minutes or overtime. Twice they had the ball with a 19-7 lead and failed to gain another first down. They also failed to convert on two goal-to-go situations in the first quarter, including a third-and-goal at the 1, and settled for field goals.

"There's no reason we shouldn't have won the game," Sitton said. "Literally one of 10 plays you can pick that if we get it, we win the game. It's frustrating when you should have won the game, and you're the better team, and I thought we were the better team all day except for three minutes."

When asked how the plane ride home was, Sitton said, "Well, I got drunk, so I don't know," but added that he was joking. But he didn't seem to be kidding about how he felt about the loss.

"I'd rather not even make the playoffs [or] I'd rather have gotten blown out and known in the first quarter it was over," Sitton said.