Marshawn Lynch photo not for sale

A collage that featured a photo of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch grabbing his crotch after scoring a touchdown in last Sunday's NFC Championship Game should not have been for sale on the league's official website store, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

A link to a 20-by-24-inch framed collage, which featured five photos from the game and cost $150, currently shows it is "out of stock," but McCarthy said it won't be sold.

"Any play that results in a fine may not be used commercially," McCarthy said.

Lynch was fined $20,000 for the obscene gesture after previously being fined $11,050 for the same action last month. He was warned by the league that if he did it in the Super Bowl, the Seahawks would be penalized 15 yards.

The NFL's policy dates back to 2010, when it stopped selling a photo of a James Harrison hit that resulted in a $75,000 fine, after the league was criticized for selling something it said was not acceptable.