'Beast Mode' sponsor airs interview

As the media wonder if Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch will talk Tuesday on Super Bowl Media Day, the man of few words opened up in an interview released Monday night by his sponsor, Skittles.

Lynch, sitting in front of a branded banner while popping candy, answered strange questions about his favorite planet, whether he preferred to watch dog or cat videos and what it was like to be in Beast Mode.

"You don't feel in Beast Mode, it feels you," Lynch answers.

Last year, Lynch avoided being fined by showing up at media day and briefly talking to NFL Network's Deion Sanders while hiding behind a curtain from the other media.

In November, Lynch was fined $50,000 for not talking with the media and was docked another $50,000, which was being held from the previous season based on his future cooperation.

Lynch has recently been dodging the media by giving short answers that often have nothing to do with the question.

One sportsbook has put the odds on Lynch getting fined for ditching the media at Tuesday's event at 8/1, while another sportsbook is accepting bets on whether Lynch's fine will be over or under $22,500.

Lynch has also been fined $20,000 for an obscene gesture he made while scoring a touchdown in the NFC Championship Game.