Locklear jailed for investigation of domestic violence

SEATTLE -- Seahawks starting right tackle Sean Locklear was being held without bail Monday in the King County Jail for
investigation of domestic violence, police and the team said.

Locklear was booked early Sunday, hours after playing in the
team's 20-10 playoff win over the Washington Redskins. He was unable to appear
before a judge Monday because the courts were closed for Martin
Luther King Day.

Seattle police were investigating an unrelated incident about 1
a.m. Sunday when three people told them a man was assaulting a
woman on a nearby sidewalk. Police said the two involved were
Locklear and a woman identified as his girlfriend. Her name was
redacted from the police report.

According to the police report, the woman said she and Locklear
had been at Belltown Billiards with friends when the player grew
angry because she was dancing with another man.

He confronted her and they walked outside as she tried to tell
him she had done nothing wrong but "this just upset him further,"
according to the report.

As they walked down the sidewalk, "Locklear grabbed her around
the neck," the police report said. Officers wrote that they
observed visible redness on her neck and chest. The woman then
began to cry and refused to provide more information, telling
police, "He didn't do anything."

She refused to let police photograph her injuries or to provide
a written statement, the police report said. She also declined
medical attention.

The three witnesses who initially summoned police said they saw
the man grab the woman around the neck, "putting both hands around
her neck," according to the report.

Police said Locklear confirmed he and the woman had been arguing
but said he grabbed her by the front of her shirt, not her neck. He
made no further comments, police said.

Locklear has retained the law firm Fox Bowman Duarte of
Bellevue, which advertises itself as a specialist in defense
against drunken driving charges, The Seattle Times and Seattle
Post-Intelligencer reported Tuesday.

"At this point the firm is investigating the case and there will be no comment until the investigation is complete," said Jon Scott Fox, a partner in the firm, in a statement issued late
Monday. "Mr. Locklear has been cooperating fully with this
investigation and throughout this case remains entitled to the
presumption of innocence afforded to all citizens."

Locklear's status for the NFC championship game against the
Carolina Panthers on Sunday was unclear. But coach Mike Holmgren
said he didn't think the incident would be a distraction to his team.

"What I know about it so far -- and I don't know everything -- it
should not be," Holmgren said Monday, without specifically addressing Locklear's playing status.

"I have to wait on details on that. I am aware of the
situation. But right now, I have no comment. When we get more
information, [we] will give it to you."

Locklear, 24, was a third-round draft choice out of North Carolina State in 2004.