Saints game has guests canceling wedding invites

NEW ORLEANS -- A dozen guests have canceled plans to attend
the Saturday evening wedding of Tara Chauffe and Corey Boland, and
they didn't need to make up an excuse.

"They have tickets. I totally understand," said Chauffe.

Tickets, that is, to see the New Orleans Saints' playoff game
against the Philadelphia Eagles in the Louisiana Superdome.

"I cried all last Sunday," said Chauffe, 26, recalling her
reaction when she learned that football would conflict with her
real life. "And I feel really, really bad for the people who
already bought playoff tickets who have to be'' at the wedding.

Two bridesmaids and a groomsman who paid $600 for his seats will
be letting their tickets go, Boland added. They will miss a game
that would be historic for Saints fans even without the backdrop of
Hurricane Katrina's devastation; the Saints have never hosted a
second-round playoff game before.

Chauffe and Boland are thinking of doing the
previously unthinkable: asking the reception hall to set up a
television tuned to the game.

"That would be nice for the guests, but we don't want to hear
yelling in the background while we're having our first dance,"
Chauffe said. "Maybe we can turn it on after the first couple