Pressure is still on Manning

The Bears and Colts are headed to Miami for Super XLI. The game is almost two weeks away, but we asked our experts for their opinions on the five Burning Questions for Super Bowl XLI.

1. What will be the biggest story line in Miami?

Eric Allen: The biggest story line will be Peyton Manning playing in his first Super Bowl. He has faced so much criticism for not making it to the big game that he'll be able to bask in the sun for a while as he gets ready to play this game. I expect a ton of stories on Manning and comparing him to his younger brother and his father.

Joe Theismann: The biggest story will be the fact that an African-American coach will hoist the Super Bowl title for the first time in this great game's history. I look forward to this moment a great deal as we could not have two better representatives of the coaching fraternity in this game.

2. Who faces more pressure, Peyton Manning or Rex Grossman?

Allen: Manning faces more pressure because he's more important to the success of his offense. Although it wasn't the case in their first two playoff games, the Colts need Manning to have a big game to win. Only now those big games don't manifest themselves in the stats like they used to when we'd see the four-touchdown games. Now it's showing up as smarter decisions and doing a better job managing the game.

Theismann: The pressure is on Manning because no one expects much from Rex Grossman in this Super Bowl. It's amazing that one of the starting quarterbacks in the biggest game of the year is thought of in such low regard. Grossman is being set up to succeed because even if he has an average game, people are going to act as though he played like Steve Young or Joe Montana.

3. If the Bears must put the game in the hands of Grossman, can he win it for them?

Allen: That really depends on the type of coverage he's seeing. If the Colts are playing a man coverage, where the success of the offense is dependent on the instincts and accuracy of the quarterback, then no. If the Colts play man, it will be extremely difficult for Grossman to win it on his own. But if the Colts go to a zone coverage, where Grossman can throw to areas and won't have to be as accurate with the ball, then yes, he can win this game for the Bears.

Theismann: Grossman can definitely win this game for the Bears if that's what it comes down to. He's been steady this postseason and although we shouldn't expect a 300-yard passing game from him, he can still make big plays in the passing game when it counts.

4. What would you rather have, the Colts' offense or the Bears' defense?

Allen: I'm a defensive guy, and that's why my bias leans toward the Bears' defense. These guys are playing hurt, but they play with a tremendous amount of pride, passion and poise. They don't have the interchangeable pieces the Baltimore Ravens have, but to me, they are still the best defense in the land.

Theismann: Tough question, but I have to go with the Colts' offense because of Manning. He's a phenomenal talent, and his intelligence is why I'd want him leading my team into this game. He's going to find a way to exploit the Bears' defense, and when it counts the most, he'll come up with a big play.

5. Is Grossman the worst Super Bowl QB ever?

Allen: Come on, the guy hasn't even played yet. He's a young quarterback who needs to rely on his defense and running game to be successful. Sound familiar? That's because Ben Roethlisberger was the same guy a year ago except the Steelers understood that and made the proper adjustments. The Bears are starting to make some similar adjustments and are putting Grossman in more favorable positions.

Theismann: No, Grossman isn't the worse quarterback in Super Bowl history. He hasn't even played in the game yet. Give him time and he'll prove worthy of this honor, even if he might not be now in some people's eyes.