Belichick still plays coy, as media plays game of 'Where's Tom?'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- For the second consecutive day,
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn't in the locker room or at
practice when reporters and cameramen were allowed inside Friday.

During the 45-minute period in the locker room, several
cameramen lingered near his locker, but he didn't show up. Nor was
he there for the first 12 minutes of practice that the media were
allowed to watch.

New England coach Bill Belichick said reporters would be
informed after practice if Brady participated. Stacey James, the
Patriots' vice president of media relations, said Friday night that
he had no update on whether Brady practiced.

Brady was photographed in New York on Monday wearing a
protective boot on his right foot. He took it off later in the day
and hasn't been photographed wearing it since. He reportedly has a
minor high ankle sprain that isn't expected to keep him out of the
Super Bowl against the New York Giants on Feb. 3.

Brady wasn't seen during the first 15 minutes of Thursday's
workout to which media were admitted, nor in the locker room.

As Belichick was asked Friday to compare the current trip to the
Super Bowl to the other three the team has played in, James said,
"Final question."

One reporter tried to squeeze in another, asking if Belichick
could say what Brady did or didn't do on Thursday, the Patriots'
first day of practice after a three-day break.

"Was that the last question?" Belichick said, smiling as he
turned toward James.

"That was the last question," James replied.

With that, Belichick walked from the podium and out of the room.

About 90 minutes later, Belichick started practice in the team's
indoor facility, watching the players stretch and stopping to talk
to linebacker Junior Seau for several minutes. Safety Rodney
Harrison, who was not seen at the beginning of practice on
Thursday, was there Friday while reporters were allowed to observe.

But Brady was missing.

When drills began and receivers ran pass routes, it was backup
Matt Cassel throwing to Randy Moss and No. 3 quarterback Matt
Gutierrez passing the ball to Wes Welker.