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Can the Giants' Eli Manning, right, outduel league MVP Tom Brady? We'll find out on Sunday. Getty Images

Editor's note: The charts below feature some interesting facts and notes related to Super Bowl XLII. We'll update this page each day leading up to the big game.

Super Bowl stat of the day: (2/1): The last 12 teams to lead the Super Bowl at halftime have gone on to win. The last to lose: the Buffalo Bills, who couldn't hold a 13-6 halftime lead to the Cowboys and lost, 30-13, in Super Bowl XXVIII. Worth noting, though, is that the Giants have trailed at halftime in all three of their Super Bowl appearances, yet have won two of those games.

Super Bowl stat of the day: (1/31):
Only 12 of the 41 Super Bowls have been decided by seven or fewer points, and that includes five of the last 10 contests. However, Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII and XXXIX, all won by the Patriots, were each decided by three points.

Super Bowl stat of the day: (1/30):
Even without including Super Bowl XLII, New England and New York are already the only teams to reach the Super Bowl in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. With an upset Sunday, the Giants would become the first team in NFL history to win Super Bowls in three consecutive decades.

Super Bowl stat of the day: (1/29):
The Giants led the NFL with 53 sacks this season, while the Patriots finished second with 47. Super Bowl XLII will mark the first time in Super Bowl history that the top two teams in sacks during the regular season will meet on Super Sunday.

Super Bowl stat of the day: (1/28): The Giants' offense has not turned the ball over this postseason, and the Patriots are typically pretty good at keeping the ball in their possession (Tom Brady's performance in the AFC title game not withstanding). So it's worth noting that there have been only two Super Bowls in which neither team committed a turnover, and the Giants played in one of them. They are Super Bowl XXV (Bills-Giants) and Super Bowl XXXIV (Rams-Titans).