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Thursday, June 22
Updated: June 23, 12:13 PM ET
Monday Night Football feedback

Users sent their thoughts on Monday Night Football's new crew. Comedian Dennis Miller and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts will join play-by-play announcer Al Michaels as analysts, while another Hall of Famer, Eric Dickerson, and ESPN's Melissa Stark will report from the sidelines.

Below are the best comments.

Dennis Miller as a MNF analyst? What are the execs at ABC trying to pull? That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. This decision hurts because I am a huge football fan and now I am going to have to suffer through some idiot cracking jokes just because the game does not seem to be moving fast enough.
Bill Russell
Colorado Springs, Colo.

MNF has needed this change for a long time. Dan Fouts is one of the best anouncers in the game, along with Al Michaels. The conversation should flow to a point that we the viewers are more interested in the game than the new Bud commercials (even in a blowout). Adding Dennis Miller to the booth is another step in the right direction. The contrast between the three and what each personality brings to the group should make this the best team ever.
Charles Vaughn
Lexington, Ky.

Everyone talks about the glory days of MNF. Stop looking back already, look forward. Who cares about the past? It's just football. What's wrong with trying something new. This isn't art or religion. It's a football game.
David Curran
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

For those complaining about it not being about "sports" anymore, get real. It hasn't been about sports ever since they went with the Gulf War music theme, the exploding helmets and the UFO graphics to try and make it look like Armageddon. It's just a football game, people. Lighten up.
Ryan West
Seattle, Wash.

I think this is a strange ploy to get better ratings. Maybe they need to concentrate more on presenting better games and teams -- and not the Cowboys, Packers and Steelers every week.
Norm McGill
Atlanta, Ga.

Fouts is a good move, but "cha cha" boy is not. ... Miller's wit (or lack thereof) will be more annoying than Dan Dierdorf's mush-mouth bantering. I know he was a sports writer in a previous life, but what a stretch. Howard Cosell is irreplaceable and Miller will be lucky to even equal the others in trying to fill that void. I should have tried out for the job myself.
Bill Flatley
South Saint Paul, Minn.

Is Monday night wrestling beating MNF that badly that they need to hire DENNIS MILLER?
Mike Falco
New York, N.Y.

Dennis Miller is an unbelievably bad choice. The MNF booth shouldn't be an entry-level position. His hiring is yet another indication that the line between "sports" and "entertainment" is becoming increasingly blurred.
Justin Daly
Washington, D.C.

Dennis Miller? Awesome! Finally someone with wit and the ability to see the real issues at hand. Fans want to see things from a fan's perspective. Hearing it from just another former player gets stale.
Darryn Aldinger
Des Moines, Iowa

Dennis Miller? I'm not sure America is ready for Voltaire references with its football commentary.
Carlsbad, Calif.

I think Dennis Miller is an absolute MISTAKE!!!!! I've been ranting and raving around the house ever since I heard the news!!!
Nancy Anderson
Princeton, Minn.

This is a total joke! If they were going to take a non-football person, at least make it someone good like Rush Limbaugh. Of all the great personalities out there available, they give us Dennis Miller, who isn't even that funny.
Dave Sukoff
Boston, Mass.

ANYONE but Rush Limbaugh is a major win for ABC, in my book. Had they hired Limbaugh, I'd have never watched MNF again.
Scott Wedel
Kirkland, Wash.

Dan Fouts, Melissa Stark and Eric Dickerson I have no problem with, but DENNIS MILLER? Give me a break. I have no interest in listening to that pompous blowhard smart-ass his way through a football game. I think I'll stick to listening to the radio broadcast.
Mike Prentiss
Madison, Wis.

I like it. Better than the Bumbling Boomer. Better than the Windbag Dan. Dennis Miller will provide great laughter and biting sarcasm. Definitely what football needs. Great choice.
Jeff Torbit
St. Louis, Mo.

If I want to watch a comedy show, I'll watch a comedy show. I thought MNF was some sort of sporting event.
Dean Rascoe
Brookline, N.H.

Dennis Miller is so in touch with American society and world news in general he will bring a new view to the game. He will have that armchair quarterback mentality. He is just a regular guy, and I think that is what is needed. A whole new perspective on the game. I look forward to game one.
Knoxville, Tenn.

Are they on drugs?
Paul Taran
Worcester, Mass.

If the game is boring Dennis can entertain by doing stand up. I think he's hysterical.
St. Petersburg, Fla.

I may watch to see Melissa Stark, but I will have it muted so I don't have to listen to Dennis Miller.
Carl Beck
Athens, Ga.

It will also be interesting to see how long Dennis Miller can go without being bleeped. I hope it works out. He is pretty funny.
New Rochelle, N.Y.

The liberals must be scared to have Rush in the booth! Unless my team is playing on Monday night (K.C. Chiefs) I will not be watching your other network on Monday night. Huge disappointment!
Ryan Pope
Broken Arrow, Okla.

You mean we're going to have to hear Dennis Miller's smart-ass comments about Deion Sanders' choice of bandana color? Howard Cosell must be rolling over in his grave!
Alex Hoffman
Baltimore, Md.

I'd rather have Dennis Leary.
Washington, D.C.

Miller's wise cracks, I can predict already, will grow old by the second quarter of the first game. What are they thinking, Regis next on "Who Wants a Super Bowl Ring?"
Reston, Va.

Fouts is a great choice. He has proven that he can add color to games with great backround. But Miller is a joke.
Chicago, Ill.

Dan Fouts is a great replacement for Boomer. Let's hope that he and Al have a better on-air relationship than Al and Boomer had. My question however is why Dennis Miller as a third man? Is ABC that desperate they feel the need for comic relief during the games? No doubt he will come in handy during the occasional blowout.
Shawn Kaumans
Layton, Utah

While I like Dan Fouts, I would have liked to have seen Mike Golic get a shot.
Howard Stutz
Las Vegas, Nev.

I like the new lineup with the exception of dumping Lesley Visser. She did a fine job.
Adam Cummins
Madison, S.D.

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