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Sunday, April 8
Updated: April 12, 11:13 PM ET
User feedback: Biggest first-round busts

Users sounded off on the biggest first-round busts. Below are the best responses. For Mel Kiper's list, click here.

Rick Mirer
Rick Mirer has thrown for 47 TDs and 71 interceptions in his seven seasons.

The Lists

Ki-Jana Carter, Bengals. David Klingler, Bengals. Jack Thompson, Bengals. David Verser, Bengals. Dan Wilkinson, Bengals. Anyone else see a pattern here?
Chris King
Houston, Texas

While I think Mel Kiper's draft busts list has some pretty impressive names, he left off a few:

  • Kenneth Sims. The first overall pick in 1982 did little during his career to merit the Patriots taking him that high.
  • The entire 1987 first round. While some players like Harris Barton of the 49ers, Pittsburgh's Rod Woodson and Tampa Bay's Vinny Testaverde have all played in at least one Pro Bowl, the rest make up a who's who list of "what the hell ever happened to...?" Come on, Danny Noonan, Jason Buck and Shawn Knight aren't exactly household names. Heck, most of those guys aren't even recognizable anymore at the alma maters!
    Richie Weaver
    Jacksonville, Fla.

    Todd Blackledge, QB, Penn State (Chiefs, 1983)
    Todd Blackledge has to make the top three. In fact, the Chiefs have been plagued ever since at the quarterback position. Please, I beg of you, give the former first-rounder something to be proud of. I am assuming of course that making this list would help ease his suffering after knowing all the good position players he was drafted ahead of. Give me Dave Klingler any day!
    Kevin Oneth
    Monterey, Calif.

    Brian Bosworth, LB, Nebraska (Seahawks, 1988)
    Why doesn't Brian Bosworth at least deserve a dishonorable mention? The Seattle Chickenhawks picked him in the first round, gave him a large contract and he laid a giant goose egg for them.
    Sean Withers
    Monroe, Mich.

    The two-time Butkus Award Winner was supposed to revolutionize the position and persona of linebacker. Instead, his football carear was highlighted by a shoulder injury and Bo Jackson running him over on MondayNight Football.
    Steve Caccese
    Blacksburg, Va.

    Aundray Bruce, LB, Auburn (Falcons, 1988)

    How could you leave out Aundray Bruce? A No. 1 overall draft choice, he only started 41 games in 11 years and had a grand total of 42 sacks, 12 of them in his first two seasons -- the only two seasons he was a starter for any significant amount of time. That may not be a total bust, but "career backup" is not what you're looking for with the No. 1 pick.
    J Leeds
    Roswell, Ga.

    There could have been a whole top 10 for the Falcons' busted draft choices, but I really do not see how Aundray Bruce could have been left off the dishonorable mention list, let alone the top 10 draft busts. He was quite possibly the worst No. 1 overall draft pick of all time. He did next to nothing with the Falcons and was eventually CUT and ended up busting with the Raiders, too, after they tried him as a tight end. Truly a waste of talent.
    Justin Morgalis
    Atlanta, Ga.

    I remember sitting in the old Fulton County Stadium on the last game of the year (Detroit), freezing our arses off and pulling for the Falcons to lose so they could have the top pick in the draft. The Falcons passed on Neil Smith because he scored real low on the Wonderlick (turned out he had dyslexia) and drafted Bruce. Bruce had dyslexia when it came to playing football.
    Steve Moore
    Atlanta, Ga.

    Johnny "Lam" Jones, WR, Texas (Jets, 1980)
    He's most notable for becoming a non-entity during his short career.
    David Schor
    Raanana, Israel

    Let's not forget Johnny Lam Jones ... Draft day is always an experience for us JET FANS!!!
    Jim McGlauflin
    Queensbury, N.Y.

    Ryan Leaf, QB, Washington State (Chargers, 1998)
    How this name only made dishonorable mention, I'll never know. But all I have for you are two words over and over again: RYAN LEAF, RYAN LEAF,RYAN LEAF,RYAN LEAF,RYAN LEAF,RYAN LEAF...
    JD Posey
    Sherman Oaks, Calif.

    In terms of what Cryin' Ryan Leaf did to disgrace an organization, a city, the fans and all of his teammates, how could you leave him off the top of the biggest draft bust lists? Plus, he sucked big time on the field as well. He may still be on an NFL team now, but he was the biggest draft bust ever in my mind for the poor Chargers who drafted him.
    John Nguyen
    San Diego, Calif.

    Rick Mirer, QB, Notre Dame (Seahawks, 1993)
    He is without a doubt, the biggest bust EVER! He was (and still is) just a horrible player. He has no business in the NFL.
    Brian Gatlin
    Philadelphia, Pa.

    The biggest bust is Rick Mirer. This fella sucks so bad that he's not even qualifed to wash a uniform, nevermind wear one.
    Gary Crichlow
    Boston, Mass.

    Lawrence Phillips, RB, Nebraska (Rams, 1996)
    Lawrence Phillips has to be the biggest first-round bust in history. Not only did he not perform for the Rams, but he embarrassed himself, the Rams and the entire league with his off-field problems. Who truly knows if this kid ever had the talent to perform on the NFL stage. He couldn't stay focused or on the field enough to make a valid attempt.
    Scott Switzer
    Columbus, Ohio

    Rashaan Salaam, RB, Colorado (Bears, 1995). The biggest bust has to be former Heisman winner Rashaan Salaam of the Chicago Bears. With Mary Jane as his lead blocker, Rashaan continually ran into a stoned wall, and his NFL career went up in smoke.
    Fred Meyer
    Bartlett, Ill.

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