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Wednesday, February 28
Johnson's health a concern

Here's what you had to say about the Bills making Rob Johnson their starting quarterback over Doug Flutie:

Flutie hurt by age
Johnson does nothing more than take sacks and lose games. It's too bad that Flutie has to be pushed out because of his age. If Flutie would have been three years younger, Johnson would be out looking for a job instead of Flutie.

University Park, Pa.

Horrible decision!
For us Bills' fans who have watched these two over the past few years, we know who should be QB. Flutie is a solid winner, no question about it! Johnson is, at best, a decent QB who was paid a lot of money based on a one-game performance in Jacksonville. The guy cannot stay healthy, and is way too injury prone.

Jim Wilson
Youngstown, N.Y.

Trouble is still ahead for Bills
Who cares about either of these guys … the Bills need to start thinking about the future. Neither of these guys are going to lead them to the Super Bowl.

Scott Stevenson
Arlington, Va.

Bottomline: Flutie won games
The Bills won with Flutie, lost with Rob. Don't get me wrong, I like them both but Doug is a winner – maybe not the best quarterback on their team. Maybe not in the top 30 in the NFL, but one thing still remains without a debate – Doug Flutie is a winner!


Price to pay for this move
Some team is going to get lucky by this decision. Flutie will come back and haunt the Bills.

Toronto, Canada

Johnson's injuries a concern
Here's a guarantee: The Bills are going to regret dumping Flutie. He's a proven winner with a heart bigger than any defensive lineman out there. Nothing against Rob Johnson, but he's injury prone and gets hit. Next season if he goes down for any length of time, the Bills will be dead in the water.

Josh L.
Washington D.C.

Style over substance
I'm amazed at how the Bills would rather look good losing than win ugly. Who cares if Flutie is short and his throws wobble? He finds a way to move the offense and win games. Johnson was a marginal QB in college in a pass-happy offense that inflated his stats. He has not proved himself in the NFL, and now the Bills will have to live with their decision.


Good business move
It's a business decision, plain and simple. In a year, Flutie could be retired and Rob Johnson could be reaching his prime. Despite the fact that Johnson is by no means a proven winner, they can't gamble with the future. Especially in light of the absolute scarcity of quality young quarterbacks.

J. Davin
Boston, Ma.

Johnson better fit for new surroundings
Well, I like it. The changes in staff, schemes, and personnel will most likely help Rob. I also would agree that he is better suited for the "west coast offense," and is probably more open to learning than Doug (who has as recently as last year, tried to overrule a coaching decision during a game). I don't expect miracles out of the team, but would expect them to be really good in a couple years. Rob will still have some gas in the tank at that time!

Tom Shaffer
Rochester, N.Y.

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