Woodson: Play it safe with Rodgers

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy says the team has not discussed shutting down Aaron Rodgers for the season because of his broken collarbone.

Former Packers defensive back Charles Woodson says it should.

Woodson, who was released by the Packers in the offseason and signed with the Oakland Raiders, said in an interview with NFL Network on Wednesday that if the Packers are out of playoff contention, there's no reason to put Rodgers back on the field.

"With having a guy that you're going to pay over $100 million, [if] you're out of the playoffs, I would shut him down," Woodson said. "I know Aaron, and if he's healthy I think depends on what his scans are telling him. I know he's kicking and scratching trying to get back in the game. But having your franchise guy go out there and there is no chance at making the playoffs and you're not really sure what's going on with that shoulder [is a mistake]."

Rodgers had hoped to play Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, but tests Tuesday did not show sufficient healing in the bone for doctors to clear him for game action. He practiced on a limited basis Wednesday and has not been officially ruled out, but Matt Flynn took the starter's reps in practice.

Rodgers was wore pads for the first time since his injury Thursday but Flynn again appeared to take the starter's reps in practice.

At 5-6-1 and winless since Rodgers broke his collarbone near his left shoulder on Nov. 4, the Packers probably need to win out to have any chance at making the playoffs.

Woodson twice broke his collarbone while playing for the Packers. He did it in Super Bowl XLV and again last season. He missed the final nine games of the regular season last year but returned for the playoffs.

"If you don't have the confidence, the doctors don't have the confidence in that shoulder, that you can go out there and the same thing is not going to happen again, I think you shut him down," Woodson said. "I went through the same thing last year and I wanted to come back Week 12, 13, 14. But the scans never gave us that confidence, so I didn't come back until the playoffs. So if they don't have the confidence in those scans, I think you shut him down."