Reggie Bush expects to play

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush plans to be available to play Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens.

When asked by a reporter whether he expects to return this week, Bush responded with a one-word affirmative: "Yeah."

He then went on to explain what happened to him Sunday during warm-ups when he aggravated a calf injury that eventually kept him out of the team's game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I didn't fall on the ground or anything like that," Bush said. "I was out there jogging. I wasn't even going hard. I was just jogging and it just grabbed on me."

After that happened, Bush said, he was unable to play.

"I couldn't go," Bush said. "I couldn't even sit here and lie and say I would have been able to push through it. I couldn't push through it."

Otherwise, Bush can't figure out how he aggravated the injury, which he said he suffered in practice. He said the cold weather could have played a factor but that he practiced outside on Friday when it was cold and felt good.

It was the second game Bush missed this season. He didn't play in Week 3 against Washington because of a left knee injury.

"It is very frustrating," Bush said. "What was at stake, playing on the road and just being out there with my teammates. It's always hard being on the sidelines, being a spectator. I hate it, so I look forward to getting back this week."