Sherman by the numbers

NO ONE talks a bigger game than Seahawks CB Richard Sherman. We turned to Sport Science to see how the NFL's interception leader since 2012 has managed to live up to his own hype.

2: Height advantage, in inches, that 6'3" Sherman has over the average NFL wide receiver.

38: Height, in inches, of Sherman's no-step vertical. That's two inches higher than that of former NBA slam dunk champ Vince Carter.

2,700: Approximate volume, in cubic feet, that Sherman covered when jumping from a standing position in Sport Science's radius range test, which calculates the maximum amount of space an athlete can cover in all directions. That's about the same volume as the combined size of two Sherman tanks.

43: Height, in inches, of Sherman's running vertical jump, a Sport Science record, topping WRs Larry Fitzgerald and Dez Bryant. That means Sherman can get a fingertip on a ball that's 11'3" off the ground.

2.7: Seconds it takes Sherman to reach 20 mph. That's nearly as fast as Vikings burner Cordarrelle Patterson (2.62).

1.3: Seconds it takes Sherman to track and deflect a pass seven yards away. That's 0.03 of a second quicker than Cardinals All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson.

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