NFL could allow medicinal marijuana

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday that the league would consider allowing the use of medicinal marijuana if experts deem it a valid treatment for concussions and other head injuries.

The NFL's collective bargaining agreement currently prohibits the illegal use of marijuana.

"I'm not a medical expert," Goodell told USAToday.com. "We will obviously follow signs. We will follow medicine and if they determine this could be a proper usage in any context, we will consider that. Our medical experts are not saying that right now."

Goodell made the comments while attending an event with General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt to announce the 16 winners of the $20 million "Head Health Challenge."

Currently Colorado and Washington are the only states where marijuana is legal for recreational use. Ironically those are the home states of the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, the two teams in this year's Super Bowl.

Twenty more states, plus Washington D.C., allow for medicinal marijuana use.