Bills reps join stadium search group

The Buffalo Bills named their seven appointments Thursday to a committee that will explore the possibility of building a stadium in the region.

Among those appointed by the team are U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, Bills CFO Jeffrey Littmann and Bills executive vice president Mary Owen, a niece of former team owner Ralph Wilson, who died Tuesday.

Erie County previously appointed seven members to the group, and New York State added five others. The Bills' 10-year lease with the county required the formation of a committee of up to 21 members, including private and public leaders.

However, the committee's efforts may ultimately be limited by uncertainty in Bills ownership. The team is expected to eventually be sold, and a new owner may want to relocate the team.

As part of the lease, Ralph Wilson Stadium is undergoing $130 million in renovations. Despite the improvements, the 40-year-old venue is still considered outdated by NFL standards.