Rams' contest yields only tickets

The St. Louis Rams said Wednesday night that no fan had won the $100,000 prize for correctly predicting the team's exact schedule.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, as Slate Magazine last week calculated the chances of accurately picking the Rams' opponent on every day (Thursday, Sunday or Monday) during the right week in the exact order at 1 in 16,294,782,089,552,200.

Brian Killingworth, the vice president of marketing and brand strategy for the team, said the team's Guess Our Games contest included entries from every state in the U.S., with 40 states having at least 100 entries.

Killingsworth said the promotion worked, as the attention it garnered generated record page views for the team's website.

"We were amazed by the response and participation from fans across the country," Killingsworth said.

The odds of guessing even a quarter of the schedule accurately were tough enough.

Killingworth said only four entries had four accurate consecutive weeks -- with location, opponent and day correct. One fan had the correct day for 14 straight weeks, he said.

Not every fan will come away empty handed, however. The team assigned a point value to each correct guess of location, opponent and day of the week.

The top scorer, who had 67 percent of those factors correct, will win Rams season tickets for the 2014 season, as will the two most accurate entries from the Rams' home state of Missouri.

The Rams, who went 7-9 last season, open the 2014 regular season Sept. 7 against the Minnesota Vikings. The team hasn't finished a season above .500 since going 12-4 in 2003.