St. Louis Rams hint at new uniforms

The Roman Gabriel-era uniforms that the Rams wore from 1964-72 might be a new throwback look. Getty Images

The Rams have used various shades of yellow or gold for most of the franchise's existence, dating back to the team's Cleveland-based days in the late 1930s.

But there was a nine-season window during the Rams' stint in Los Angeles, from 1964 through 1972, when the team's color scheme was much simpler: blue and white.

And that look may be coming back.

While interacting with fans Wednesday night on Twitter, Rams executive vice president and chief operating officer Kevin Demoff indicated that the blue and white uniform could soon be revived as a throwback:

Even more intriguingly, Demoff hinted that royal blue and yellow might be restored as the team's primary colors, replacing the current navy and gold:

The Rams are known to be considering a uniform overhaul. In August, Demoff said he expected the team to revamp its look "at some time in the next five years." Judging by his tweets Wednesday night, that process is currently in motion.

The Rams' last full-scale uniform redesign was in 2000 -- the season after their victory over the Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV. That redesign established navy and gold as the team's primary colors. The preceding uniform design, featuring royal blue and yellow, has been worn as a throwback since 2009.