Burleson: Arm injury was 'minor'

BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns wide receiver Nate Burleson said he did not fracture his arm during an April minicamp.

"It was reported a lot worse than it is," Burleson said Tuesday. "It looks a lot worse than it is."

Burleson has not practiced with the Browns since he needed a plate repositioned in his arm in late April. As he spoke Tuesday, he wore a cast on his left forearm, which he said would be removed this week.

He also said because there was no fracture he's been able to run and lift weights with the cast.

Burleson said he banged his arm during a practice in April, which caused a shift in the plate that had been put in his arm a year ago when he broke it.

"I'm kind of rebuilt, like Robocop," he said. "Sometimes you have to go in and fix a little bit. It was minor, though. I've had much worse.

"The good news is the plan is to play 16-plus games, and that's going to happen."