Bridgewater: 'Solid feeling' on Vikes

MINNEAPOLIS -- Teddy Bridgewater said last month he told his agent he didn't want to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He only made those remarks, he said on Tuesday, because he felt comfortable enough with the Minnesota Vikings that he didn't want to be anywhere else.

Speaking at the NFL Rookie Symposium in Cleveland, Bridgewater said his initial remarks on The Dan Patrick Show last month were misinterpreted, adding he had a "solid feeling" about the Vikings through "five or six" pre-draft meetings.

"I said it on the air, but like I say, it was misinterpreted,'' he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Tuesday. "I think I was just saying I had a solid feeling about the Minnesota Vikings and that was it.''

The Vikings traded back into the first round to take Bridgewater with the 32nd overall pick, after the Browns passed on him and selected Johnny Manziel at No. 22. Bridgewater said he didn't believe the Browns knew they weren't his first choice, adding he wanted to focus on moving on and starting his career with the Vikings.

Browns coach Mike Pettine told TheMMQB.com last week that Manziel was the only rookie quarterback who had a chance to start this season. Bridgewater, who will get a chance to compete for the Vikings' starting job in training camp, said he hopes to win the job, but wasn't focused on proving Pettine wrong.

"Being a competitor, I would love to just play and continue to do the one thing I love, which is compete,'' Bridgewater told the Plain Dealer. "But I know our coaches are going to make the best decision for the team, and me being a team player, I'm all about the team. I have nothing but the best interest in the team. I'm just going to continue to compete and allow myself the chance when the coaches are about to make that decision to be in consideration."