SVP and Russillo go camping

Scott Van Pelt: Did you ever go to camp?

Ryen Russillo: Yeah, once. It was 4-H camp.

S: What are the H's?

R: Hookin' up, basically. We were in eighth grade, and everyone would get the junior high yearbooks and look up the talent from the other towns. I had a really good picture of me in eighth grade, so I was a known commodity rollin' in.

S: Which is never a bad thing.

R: There was just one problem: I got really sick; I had a bad fever, and my parents didn't want me to go. But I said: "I'm goin' to Hookup Camp! I don't care what you guys say!!!" When I got there, though ...

S: You were all gaunt? You were a skinny kid to begin with.

R: Oh, very skinny. But by the time I got there, it was too late; territories had been claimed. And I was just the sick kid who showed up three days late. So you know what I did?

S: You took a lot of long walks?

R: I ended up being the sports news guy at the camp. True story: I sat in front of the entire camp -- we're talkin' a couple of hundred kids -- and told 'em Wade Boggs had been traded straight up for Don Mattingly. This was in, like, '88.

S: No you didn't! You just made s--- up?

R: Yeah, kids were making their one Sunday night phone call home, asking: "Dad, did the Sox really move Boggs for Mattingly?!?"

S: "No, son! Hell no! Who told you that?" "This skinny kid from the Vineyard!"

R: "He got here late, so we thought he had the latest intel!"

S: You were taking Peter Gammons rumors and bringing them to the people. Brilliant!

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