Falcons unveil 'Memories' program

For the first time, all Falcons season-ticket holders will be eligible to get a cheerleader visit at their seat.

It's part of the team's "Memories" program, which seeks to give the team's most loyal fans experiences that they will remember.

Fans can use memory points, which they are awarded based on longevity of being a season-ticket holder, to stand on the field during the player intros, get a personal visit from the team mascot or receive an autograph from a Falcons player.

But it's the cheerleader visit that has been getting the most attention.

"It's not like you can order them to your seat after you've had eight beers," said Jim Smith, the team's chief marketing and revenue officer.

The experiences, which can be found on the Falcons app, open up on the Thursday afternoon before a home game and are reserved by the end of the day.

There are more slots for having a message posted on the video board and holding the flag on the field than getting the cheerleader visit, which is reserved for 16 fans per game.

After the team confirms that the fan who ordered the experience is in his or her seat, the cheerleaders -- escorted by security -- arrive to take a photo.

"If things don't look right, we're not going there," Smith said. "But often, we've seen this is ordered by families whose daughters cheer and want to meet the girls."

Last year, the team allowed fans to reserve a cheerleader visit, though it was available to just roughly 5,000 season-ticket holders. This year, the team has decided to open up the whole stadium to the opportunity.

Teams frequently sell the experiences that the Falcons are giving away, something Smith said he wanted to be simply a reward for loyalty.

"We don't think you should have to pay for a memory," Smith said. "We think this part of what makes the game experience great besides a Matt Ryan throw or a Julio Jones catch."