Antonio Brown: No intent to injure

PITTSBURGH -- Antonio Brown sought out Spencer Lanning on Sunday afternoon to assure the Cleveland Browns punter that he had no intent to injure him with the jump kick that produced as many punch lines as it did headlines.

Brown kicked Lanning in the mouth when he tried to jump over him at the end of a 36-yard punt return in the Pittsburgh Steelers' 30-27 win.

"I definitely had a conversation with him and I think he had a sense of humor about it and he understood what was intended on the play," Brown said. "I think [Lanning] understood there was no intent to injure anyone."

Brown said he has yet to hear from the NFL but he will almost certainly be fined for the play, which drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty.

Steelers linebacker Terence Garvin was fined $25,000 last December after breaking Bengals punter Kevin Huber's jaw during a Brown punt return that resulted in a 67-yard touchdown.

Brown was on his way to returning another punt for a touchdown when he encountered Lanning as the Browns' last line of defense.

Instead of going around Lanning he tried to jump over him, and Brown said he got caught in an awkward position while trying to make a "football play."

Lack of intent hasn't stopped Brown's kick from spawning all kind of spoofs on the Internet related to the popular "Karate Kid" movies.

When asked if his teammates have given Brown any nicknames since the kick, Will Johnson smiled.

"I haven't heard anything yet," he said, "but I'm sure we will."