DeShawn Shead proposes on field

SEATTLE -- Believe it or not, a dramatic overtime victory over the Denver Broncos wasn't the best thing that happened to Seattle Seahawks defensive back DeShawn Shead on Sunday.

About 30 minutes after the victory, he got dressed in a dress shirt and slacks and told his girlfriend, Jessica Martinez, to meet him to the field, along with some family members.

The next thing Martinez saw was her face on the big screen as about a dozen of Shead's teammates, including cornerback Richard Sherman, linebacker Mike Morgan and defensive end O'Brien Schofield, ran out on the field to join them.

That's when Martinez was given a bouquet of roses as Shead took a knee and asked Martinez if she would marry him. She said yes as Shead's teammates showed their approval.

Shead expressed his joy at the engagement with a Sunday night tweet:

Martinez, who is from Sammamish, Washington, quickly found herself being interviewed live by local TV stations. But it was nice Shead got to make his proposal after a dramatic victory instead of a loss.