NFL: No evidence tape was sent

The NFL on Friday said it had no evidence the Ray Rice elevator tape was ever sent to its offices or received by it, or that a call was made by a woman, from league lines, confirming delivery of the tape.

A league official emailed reporters, including ESPN's Adam Schefter, in response to an Associated Press story Thursday night about a law enforcement official saying he mailed a tape of the Rice incident to Jeffrey Miller, the NFL's senior vice president of security.

"Our office has found absolutely no evidence to support the claim of the anonymous 'law enforcement source' that he sent a video to the NFL office or that he received a telephone call to his 'disposable cell phone' from an unidentified female using an NFL line," the league said.

Miller responded to the AP story on Thursday night in a statement, saying: "I unequivocally deny that I received at any time a copy of the video and I had not watched it until it was made public on September 8."

The NFL has repeatedly said no one with the league saw the violent images until TMZ Sports released the video earlier this month. Former FBI director Robert Mueller is leading an internal investigation at commissioner Roger Goodell's request. The probe is ongoing, and there is no timetable for its completion.