Sherman: Pierre Garcon pulled hair

Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman ripped Washington's Pierre Garcon after the Seahawks' victory Monday night, saying the Redskins receiver "doesn't matter in this league."

At the root of the problem: Hair-pulling.

Sherman confirmed after the game that Garcon yanked on his dreadlocks while trying to create separation during the first half of Seattle's 27-17 victory.

"Yeah, Pierre did a few things," Sherman told CSN Washington when asked whether Garcon had pulled his hair. "When you can't get open, you got to do whatever you can. The crowd is acting like I'm holding him. Obviously, (on) the TV copy, you can see what happened."

Sherman, who has had verbal dust-ups in the past with San Francisco's Michael Crabtree and Arizona cornerback Patrick Peterson, didn't take back his comments when given a chance.

"I mean exactly what I said," Sherman told CSN Washington.

Even though Garcon didn't call out Sherman by name, Garcon posted this on his Twitter feed on Tuesday morning:

ESPN.com has reached out to Garcon to confirm his tweet was in response to Sherman.