Johnny Manziel tweets phone number

Evidently Johnny Manziel broke the cardinal rule of Twitter: Never post for the public what is intended as a direct message.

The Cleveland Browns quarterback appeared to post his phone number on Twitter on Friday night.

A tweet just before 7 p.m. ET had only a 10-digit phone number, with an area code that includes San Antonio and Kerrville, Texas, where Manziel is from.

The tweet was deleted soon after it appeared, but as everyone knows, a tweet that's seen for 30 seconds can reach a lot of people. The number was retweeted more than 300 times in less than 30 seconds.

It would make sense that the tweet was intended as a direct message, as those go to one individual rather than the entire world -- or at least the part of it that is following you.

Manziel quickly became the butt of jokes on Twitter, and just more than an hour after the number was posted, the mailbox for the number he posted was full.