Dominic Raiola: Not fined by NFL

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Lions center Dominic Raiola said he was not fined by the NFL for his play at the end of Sunday's 34-9 loss to New England where he dived at the knees of Patriots defensive lineman Zach Moore.

"There's no fine. It was during the game," Raiola said Tuesday. "I don't know about regrets. I don't live life with regrets. I know I didn't intentionally try to hurt anybody.

"I didn't try to do anything out of the ordinary. I would have gotten a FedEx letter for that, so just play the game. I mean, I didn't make it a big deal. Everybody else did."

The NFL had decided to look into plays made by Raiola during Detroit's last offensive drive, including an attempted cut block on Moore's legs during the final play of the game -- a kneel-down -- and an attempted club of Moore after Moore got past him on a play earlier in the drive.

The incident led to New England defensive tackle Vince Wilfork calling Raiola's play "boneheaded." On Monday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Raiola and other Lions seemed frustrated at the end of the game and that Raiola hasn't beaten the Patriots in his career.

Raiola said Tuesday he did not care about Belichick's comments.

"Not a lot of people beat those guys," Raiola said. "I don't really care what he said. I didn't make it an issue. I just finished the game."