London Fletcher rips Jim Haslett

LANDOVER, Md. -- Former Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher crushed his former boss Sunday morning, adding yet another turn in this disastrous season.

Fletcher, speaking on CBS' pre-game show Sunday, called Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett "clueless."

Fletcher also said on CBS that former Redskins coach Mike Shanahan "recognized early that [Haslett] does not know what he's doing."

"[Haslett] would take the '85 Bears defense and turn them into a mediocre defense," Fletcher said. "He has no idea what he's doing. He's proven year in and year out that he's not a good defensive coordinator."

Fletcher also accused Haslett of potentially "backstabbing" current Redskins coach Jay Gruden.

"Jay Gruden better get him out the door, because he's probably backstabbing Jay Gruden like he did everybody else," Fletcher said.

Fletcher spent the last four years of his career playing for Haslett, and teammates at the time said the linebacker grew increasingly frustrated by the defense and how it was run.

Last offseason, Fletcher, who retired after the 2013 season, tweeted that the Redskins should promote Raheem Morris to the role of defensive coordinator -- before Haslett's retention was official.

Though Haslett is under contract for next season, there will be speculation about his future in Washington. The Redskins are 11th in total yards allowed, but 27th in points per game allowed.

During Haslett's tenure, from 2010 on, the Redskins rank a cumulative 27th in yards allowed and 30th in points per game. The frustration among the defensive staff has been a lack of resources placed on that side of the ball.