Lawyer: Sammie Hill is innocent

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The lawyer representing Titans nose tackle Sammie Hill said a sexual assault accusation against the player currently being investigated by Atlanta police is unfounded.

"This is a completely bogus charge," said attorney Ed Garland. "Sammie did absolutely nothing wrong. We are cooperating fully with the Atlanta police investigation. I expect there to be no charges brought when the truth is known."

Hill spoke with reporters in the Titans locker room after practice.

"I can't talk about it right now," Hill said in a soft voice, shaking his head. "The situation is the situation, so I've got to let my lawyer take care of it. ... It's just something I've got to try to get past."

Garland said Hill was involved in "first-time, one-night, consensual sex" with the woman making the complaint on Dec. 2 in Atlanta.

"Now there is a criminal effort to extort money from him," Garland said. "That's what this amounts to. We may well seek the issuance of a warrant against the complaining party for a scheme to extort money. There is no criminal case."

Officer John Chafee of the Atlanta Police Department's public affairs office said via email there is nothing new to release and the report is not yet available.

The public affairs office issued a statement Monday that said: "The Atlanta Police Dept. has been contacted by a female who advised she was sexually assaulted by Sammie Hill, who is a NFL player. We are working with the female to obtain information about this incident."

The Titans said Monday they were aware of the initial report of the accusation and were investigating it.