NFLPA: Cap projection premature

Even though the NFL informed team executives at Wednesday's owners meeting that next year's salary cap will be between $138.6 and $141.8 million, the NFLPA believes a "substantial increase" will be added, per a memo sent Thursday.

According to the memo, sent to the union's executive committee, player reps and contract advisors, the NFLPA believes the NFL's projected increase -- at least $5 million more than the previous season -- to be very premature.

"We have become increasingly concerned about these early projections and in the upcoming months the NFLPA will issue projections based upon our analysis of expected revenue," the memo stated. "We believe that this will aid players, agents and general managers to more effectively forecast the salary cap and aid players in contract negotiations. Additionally, we will provide you with information previously shared with players about the current spending levels of all teams and their compliance with the minimum cash spending requirements of the new CBA."

The memo also stated that last year's projections called for a flat cap that was ultimately raised by $10 million from the previous season.

"The salary cap is inextricably tied to league revenues and as we saw last year, substantial increases in revenue will lead to substantial increases in the salary cap," the memo stated.