Fan denies Jeremy Hill's TD leap

CLEVELAND -- It's been a rough year on the road for Bengals fans in the front row.

This week, a pair of Bengals fans were outmuscled on the western wall of FirstEnergy Stadium by a Browns fan who was not going to let Cincinnati running back Jeremy Hill leap into their arms after a 16-yard rushing touchdown Sunday.

About two minutes into the second quarter, Hill stumbled through a number of tackle attempts before entering the end zone for the second time. As he jogged to the back of the end zone, Hill saw two Bengals fans -- one in a Vontaze Burfict jersey, another in an A.J. Green jersey -- and started to run toward them.

Just as Hill began his leap, a Browns fan wearing a Joe Haden jersey left his seat in the front row and pushed Hill's head downward, thereby denying the Dawg Pound leap.

"He kind of just jumped around them," Hill said. "I guess he made a play."

That fan was about the only person in a Browns uniform who did. Cleveland gave up 244 yards rushing, including 148 by Hill on 25 carries in the Bengals' 30-0 victory.

"It was kind of funny," Hill said with a smile. "I'll learn from it next time."

Moments after the score, as the touchdown replayed on the video boards inside the stadium, Browns fans erupted in cheers. Earlier in the game, many had chanted a vulgarity at Hill while he came off the field after a 2-yard touchdown run.

After Hill's 16-yard score, the Bengals led 17-0. He finished the game with 148 yards on 25 carries and the two touchdowns in the Bengals' 30-0 victory.

Cleveland fans may not have been happy after Hill's first touchdown when he started to simulate LeBron James' pregame routine of throwing powder in the air at the scorer's table. But instead of throwing his hands into the air , Hill brought them down to his sides.

When told that James, who is a friend of Johnny Manziel, was in attendance, Hill wasn't fazed.

"I'm actually a Lakers fan," he said. "I'm a Kobe guy."

It was after the Bengals' 24-3 loss to Cleveland five weeks ago that Hill said he didn't think the Browns were that good of a team. He felt the Bengals had played themselves into the loss.

A month before Hill's denial Sunday, a Saints fan stripped a football from a female Bengals fan's hands at the Superdome. The Saints fan was sitting in the first row when the woman and another Bengals fan ran from their seats a few rows up. Cincinnati tight end Jermaine Gresham had just caught a touchdown pass and tossed them the ball. The Saints and Bengals later awarded the women separate balls, one of which was later autographed by Gresham.