NFL investigates Browns' texts

BEREA, Ohio -- NFL investigators have been to Cleveland to look into whether text messages were sent from the Browns' front office to their sideline during games last season.

"The investigators came in here, and I spoke with them," coach Mike Pettine said Thursday, declining further comment until the review is completed.

Owner Jimmy Haslam said the team is cooperating with the NFL on its investigation.

"If we did anything wrong, I'm sure we'll correct it and make whatever amends," Haslam said. "I know we've cooperated fully with the NFL."

Cleveland.com reported earlier this month that texts had been sent during games, citing the texts as a factor in former offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's decision to leave the team. He perceived it as interference from the front office regarding coaching decisions.

Texting would be a violation of the NFL's rules prohibiting electronic communication during games.

NFL spokesman Michael Signora said the situation is still under review.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.