Only cheese tops Rodgers in Wis.

There's only one thing more popular in Wisconsin than Aaron Rodgers: cheese.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 1,071 Wisconsin residents earlier this month and found that 79 percent said they had a favorable opinion of the Green Bay Packers quarterback, 15 percent said they weren't sure, and only 6 percent said they didn't like Rodgers.

Among the myriad topics surveyed, only cheese came out better, with an 80 percent favorable vote.

Wisconsin is responsible for roughly 25 percent of U.S. cheese production, producing more than 1 million tons each year.

Broken down by age, Rodgers is most popular with residents between the ages of 46 and 65 (82 percent favorable) and slightly more popular among men (80 percent) than women (78 percent).

Wisconsin basketball coach Bo Ryan was the next most popular sports personality of those in the poll, with a 76 percent favorable vote. Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez was liked by 71 percent of the population.

Football coaches who left the Badgers were understandably less embraced. Bret Bielema, who left the team to coach Arkansas in 2013, was liked by 17 percent of the state's population, while Gary Andersen, who left this season for Oregon State, was only liked by 15 percent.

Among other categories polled, 64 percent said their favorite baseball team was the Brewers, the same percentage that had a favorable opinion of beer. The favorite meat of the state is bratwurst (52 percent).

In 2011, Rodgers had an 89 percent favorable opinion in the state, according to Public Policy Polling. That year, only two personalities topped Rodgers: Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ.

Rodgers is entering his eighth year as starting quarterback for the Packers. He has thrown for 226 touchdowns and only 57 interceptions in his career, which includes a Super Bowl XLV victory and two MVP awards.