Eagles see 'great deal of improvement with' Tim Tebow

PHILADELPHIA -- Tim Tebow's work with throwing coach Tom House led directly to his new job with the Eagles.

Two summers ago, Tebow was in Philadelphia as a member of the New England Patriots for three days of training camp practices, so the Eagles got a close look at Tebow for those few days. When they worked Tebow out last month, they saw a difference.

"We had exposure to him live when he was with New England, when they practiced here," Eagles vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz said Thursday. "When we worked him out, we saw a great deal of improvement with him."

The Eagles signed Tebow on Monday. Since then, they've been careful to tamp down expectations. Tebow has not been available to the media and won't be until all the other players report in May.

"We've got 68 players that are on our roster right now," Marynowitz said. "Tim's one of 68. He'll have an opportunity to compete for a roster spot here. His role will be determined by his performance. We're excited that he's a member of the organization, and we're looking forward to him competing."

Tebow will compete at quarterback, not at some other position such as running back or tight end, Marynowitz said. And there is something to the speculation that Chip Kelly may have interest in Tebow as a two-point conversion specialist. The NFL is expected to vote on changes to the point-after-touchdown rules, perhaps making the two-point conversion more common.

Marynowitz said that was "not entirely" the thinking behind signing Tebow.

"If that does come to fruition," Marynowitz said, "and there's a role there, depending on his performance, he may have a role in that capacity."