Highly paid Ryan Tannehill aims to bring titles to Miami

DAVIE, Fla. -- Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is officially among the highest-paid players in the NFL. But on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after signing a $96 million contract, his focus was on the Lombardi trophy.

"That's why I'm here, is to win championships," Tannehill said during a news conference at the team's facility. "If I wasn't ... then I wouldn't be sitting in this chair. So I believe I am [a Super Bowl quarterback], and I'm working each and every day to bring a championship back to Miami."

Tannehill and the Dolphins finalized the deal on Monday to make him the face of the franchise. According to Tannehill's agent Pat Dye, the contract includes $45 million guaranteed, and the $77 million in new money makes Tannehill the sixth-highest-paid quarterback in the final four years.

"The only guy ahead of him who hasn't been to a Super Bowl and won a Super Bowl is Matt Ryan," Dye said. "Outside of that, it's [Joe] Flacco and [Drew] Brees and [Ben] Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers. So they've put him in pretty rarefied air with this contract."

Tannehill, 26, still has a lot to prove. He is 23-25 as a starter and never posted a winning season in Miami.

But the numbers show him as an ascending player. His passing yards, touchdowns, completion percentage and passer rating have all improved in each of his first three seasons. Tannehill threw for a career-high 4,045 yards and 27 touchdowns last season.

"I think the longer you play, the better you should get," Tannehill said. "That's my goal, is to get better each and every day, year in and year out. So hopefully it's just a starting point for me."

Tannehill is the second highest-paid player on the Dolphins. He trails only Pro Bowl defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who signed a $114 million contract with Miami this offseason.

Still, Tannehill said the big extension won't change him as a player.

"My approach isn't going to change," he said. "The way I prepare, the way I go about each and every day, the way I approach the game isn't going to change. I'm getting paid more, yes. But I've always taken this game as serious as you can take it."