L.A. will be added as 2020 Super Bowl finalist if certain provisions met

SAN FRANCISCO -- The NFL has narrowed down eligible cities to host Super Bowls in 2019 and 2020, with Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans and Tampa Bay making the cut. In addition, Los Angeles will be added as a finalist for 2020 if certain provisions are met.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said owners talked about the league's future in Los Angeles for an "extensive time" on Wednesday.

Specific to the Super Bowl possibly coming to L.A., Goodell said the first step would be having a commitment from a team to relocate to the city by the spring of 2016. That team would then be eligible to submit a bid to host the Super Bowl and join three other finalists next spring, which is when the vote is scheduled to take place.

Goodell stopped short when asked if he viewed it as inevitable that the Los Angeles market will have at least one team in the near future.

"I think there is significant progress, but I don't think it's inevitable," he said. "There is certainly momentum, there are certainly opportunities. I can't remember the last time we had two facilities [Carson and Inglewood] that are actually entitled and are being developed. That's a very positive development, but a lot more work has to be done."

NFL executive vice president of business operations Eric Grubman said the "attractiveness and potential of the L.A. market" is why the city is being considered as a Super Bowl site. Grubman projected that the 2020 Super Bowl could come at a time when a stadium in Los Angeles would have been in operation for a full year.

"Anticipating that might happen, it was necessary to tell the competing clubs that it was a possibility that another club could be added to the mix and would be considered if there was a relocation proposal that was voted [on] and if that relocation proposal provides for a stadium to be done in time," Grubman said.

Grubman also said Tuesday the NFL intends to condense and expedite the process for teams looking to file for relocation in 2016, although the specific time has not yet been agreed upon.