Todd Gurley finding ways to participate in Rams OTAs

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Although St. Louis Rams running back Todd Gurley isn't technically participating in organized team activities this week, he is doing everything he can to get a reasonable approximation.

Gurley is still rehabilitating from the torn left ACL he suffered in November. For now, Gurley is mostly limited to hanging out on the sideline with the athletic trainers. But he is not just standing around with nothing to do.

Near the start of the team's Thursday practice, Gurley worked with athletic trainer Byron Cunningham on the side. As his teammates went through individual drills, Gurley did some high leg kicks and running. He was mostly limited to linear work that doesn't require him to move much laterally, but he was able to do a few agility drills that required change of direction.

Gurley also stayed on the field after practice was over, running a few routes for rookie quarterback Sean Mannion. Gurley worked at about half speed and wasn't cutting like he would in a game, but he did get some extra repetitions.

Coach Jeff Fisher said Gurley, the No. 10 overall pick in this year's draft, is progressing well. The Rams have put no timetable on when Gurley will return to practice or games, but Fisher has indicated a willingness to be as patient as necessary.

"Todd's doing a great job with his rehab," Fisher said. "He's very anxious. He's probably a little frustrated, probably deep down inside not really happy right now, but he's anxious to get out there right now, so that's going well."

During Friday's OTAs, the Rams appeared to dial it back with Gurley. Near the end of the session, Gurley did get some one-on-one time with running backs coach Ben Sirmans.

Sirmans walked Gurley through some runs, and Gurley ran at about half speed, mixing in a couple of small cutbacks.

"I feel good. I just can't play football right now," Gurley said. "I'm running around and doing agility stuff. It's just day by day."

When not doing work on the side, Gurley said he is doing his best to stay attuned to what's happening on the field. When the Rams switched from individual drills to team sessions, Gurley stopped his sideline work and joined his teammates in the huddle, standing close enough to hear the plays and run through them in his mind.

"[It's good] just being able to get my rehab during practice when they are doing individual, then when team comes, I get those mental reps," Gurley said.