Braylon Beam, 6-year-old cancer patient, signs 1-day deal with Panthers

DENVER, N.C. -- New Carolina Panthers coach Braylon Beam already has his first play ready for quarterback Cam Newton in the August 7 Fan Fest at Bank of America Stadium.

"Throw deep," Beam said on Tuesday, flashing his infectious smile.

The 6-year-old Beam has drawn national attention for his #JustKeepDancing campaign that began as a way to battle chemotherapy treatments for a brain tumor discovered in February, when he began losing his sight.

Beam appeared last month on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," where he told DeGeneres that his goal was to one day coach the Panthers.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central & Western North Carolina and the Panthers, he will get that wish.

Carolina president Danny Morrison on Tuesday visited Rock Springs Elementary School in Denver, North Carolina, where he surprised Beam with a one-day coaching contract.

Beam's signing bonus -- a basket of assorted chocolates and chips -- wasn't quite what Newton got last week when he signed a five-year, $103.8 million extension. But it was more than enough for Beam, who can't wait to get on the sideline with the players and fellow coaches.

"They're going to win the Super Bowl this year," said Beam, wearing a blue No. 1 Panthers jersey like the one Newton wears.

Coach Ron Rivera and general manager Dave Gettleman couldn't attend the signing because of practice, but both sent a video message that was played in front of the raucous crowd on the last day of school.

"We received your application to be the head coach of the Carolina Panthers, and like everybody else that we bring into the organization, we certainly check their background, because character is very important to us," Gettleman said in the video.

"You've certainly shown great character, perseverance, tough-mindedness in order to overcome your cancer and fight the fight. We love your energy. We love who you are, and we've reviewed and I've approved your contract."

But, Gettleman warned, there is a clause in the deal "that will require you to show the team your dance moves."

Beam was more than OK with the clause.

After doctors discovered the brain tumor, Beam and his father came up with the idea to dance their way through chemotherapy. Their movement is now being used nationally to raise money for pediatric cancer.

Jesse and Meredith Beam joined their son on "Ellen" to share their inspirational story. They also danced.

Braylon danced again on Tuesday as television cameras surrounded him and members of the Carolina dance team. He even did Newton's patented "Superman" move -- pretending to pull open his shirt to expose an "S."

Jesse, wearing a black T-shirt with "Braylon's Buddies" on the front, summed up the day best for the entire family and community.

"We're just overjoyed, overwhelmed," he said. "Braylon inspiring us ... we're at a loss for words."