Russell Wilson: Contract negotiations not a distraction

RENTON, Wash. -- Quarterback Russell Wilson, involved in contract negotiations with the Seattle Seahawks that appear to be at an impasse, said his decision to take out an insurance policy was about safeguarding his future.

"That's just being smart," Wilson said Thursday after the final day of minicamp. "If I do have to play this season [without a new deal], that's being smart. It's the right thing to do."

Wilson is in the fourth and final year of his rookie contract, a $2.99 million deal that will pay him $1.54 million this season. Wilson and agent Mark Rodgers are believed to be seeking a deal in excess of $110 million over five years, which would make Wilson one of the highest-paid players in the game. But with the contract situation uncertain, Wilson purchased an insurance policy in case he suffers an injury this season.

"I love playing here, and hopefully it all works out," Wilson said. "As you guys know, I'm not going to go into great detail about that at all. It's a private matter, but I'm excited about the season coming up. I always say ignore the noise. There's always going to be speculation and talk, but I guess it's a good thing that people are talking about it."

The fact that Wilson and the Seahawks haven't been able to find common ground on a new deal has been surprising and continues to be one of the biggest NFL topics of the offseason.

"It'll work out how it's supposed to," Wilson said. "Does it wear on me? No. I've been through so much. I just take one day at a time as I always have, whether I'm fortunate enough to receive a lot of money for a lot of hard work or if I'm still working for it. That's never going to change for me. I'm just going to do as much as I can to be successful."

Wilson was asked if he thinks the contract situation can be resolved before the start of training camp at the end of July.

"Hopefully that's the case, God willing," Wilson said. "It would be nice, but if not, I'll be ready to go.

"The one thing I know is it's a business, and business is an interesting thing. I just look at it that way. I've always understood I would be at this point at some time. It will work out however it's supposed to work out. We'll find out what happens."

Wilson has sent out some tweets recently that seem to be subtle hints about the negotiations, including a one-word tweet: Reciprocity.

"It's a good word," Wilson said. "I like to get some dictionary words out there every once in a while. But the answer is no [on any hidden meaning]. But I think everybody should use it. It's important for everybody to have a reciprocal relationship."