Texans cut rookie Brandon Ivory

HOUSTON -- The Texans have waived rookie defensive tackle Brandon Ivory one day after his arrest on first degree burglary charges in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the team announced Thursday.

Ivory was an undrafted free agent out of Alabama. He signed with the Texans in May.

"I spoke to Brandon he is not guilty and his name will be cleared of all charges," Ivory's agent, Jeff Guerriero, said in a text message Wednesday.

At 8 a.m. on Wednesday, Tuscaloosa police responded to a burglary call where two victims said two men had kicked in their door, assaulted one of them and stolen two iPads and some cash.

They said one suspect carried an assault rifle while the other had a knife. The police received information that led them to the residence of Ivory, 23, and Nicholas Gerard Gibson III, 21. They recovered the stolen items and interviewed Ivory and Gibson at the police station.

Following the interview, both Ivory and Gibson were arrested, charged with first degree burglary and held on $120,000 bail.

The Texans said Wednesday they were gathering the relevant facts before acting.