Fans first: Redskins to break injury news to season-ticket holders

The Washington Redskins haven't delivered enough wins to please their fan base for most of the past 15 years. They hope they can deliver something the fans do like this season: breaking news.

The Redskins announced in a letter from team president Bruce Allen to season-ticket holders that they "will be the first to receive in-game player status updates ... even before the NFL or the media!" The letter said they will be the first to receive any transactions in free agency and the draft as well.

News will be divulged to fans via the team's mobile app.

Previously, teams released injury information to whichever outlet was broadcasting the game. Fans at the game often had to get updates via the radio broadcast or Twitter.

An NFL spokesman declined comment on Washington's plan, but there is nothing in the policy regarding injuries over who should get the information first.

"Team personnel are responsible for reporting in-game injury information factually and accurately as soon as possible for the benefit of the network television audience and the other media covering our games," the policy says. "To ensure fans in the stadium have access to the same information, these injury updates must also be posted on the stadium video boards, scoreboards or ribbon boards."

The Redskins have spent the offseason upgrading the amenities at FedEx Field after conducting fan forums. But the biggest problem has been on-field success: The Redskins have finished last in six of the past seven seasons.

That's why Allen's letter to fans also mentioned the addition of general manager Scot McCloughan as the start of their offseason renovations.

"It starts with football," Allen wrote. "In January, we began with the hiring of well-respected General Manager Scot McCloughan as well as key additions to the coaching staff. Free agency, 10 draft picks and other roster moves have made every aspect of the team better. Our offense, defense and special teams should all be impacted in a positive way in 2015."