Seahawks granted trademark to '12s'

The Seattle Seahawks are a step closer to owning more of the number 12 market.

The entity that owns the team, Paul Allen's Northwest Football LLC, was granted the trademark to "12s" last week.

Over the last nine years, the company has filed for and received trademarks for "Spirit of 12," "Bring on the 12," the number 12 on flags and banners and, in March, became the owner of the trademark "We are 12."

All told, the Seahawks are now the registered owners of 11 trademarks that involve "12," and have filed for six more "12"-related marks.

One trademark the Seahawks do not own is "12th Man," which was registered by Texas A&M in 1990. The team and the school struck a deal in 2006 for the Seahawks to use "12th Man" around the stadium, but the not to use it on merchandise. In 2011, that deal -- which costs the Seahawks only $5,000 annually -- was extended until June 2016.

Given the fact that the team has become more popular through back to back Super Bowls, it's expected that A&M might ask for more money this time around. Then again, the Seahawks have protected themselves by trademarking "12." Seahawks jerseys with "12" on the back with the nameplate "Fan" are among the most popular in the league.

Shane Hinckley, assistant vice president of business development for the Aggies, said Tuesday that the two parties have been discussing an extension of the deal and that there has been no mention of the Seahawks wanting to pay additionally to merchandise "12th Man."

A Seahawks representative did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

A&M's association with the 12th man can be traced back to 1922. The Seahawks famously retired the No. 12, as a tribute to their fans, in 1984.