LeSean McCoy says on Instagram his party invitation taken out of context

At the time Sunday evening when he was scheduled to hold a "females only" party in the Philadelphia area, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy posted a photo of himself to Instagram with a caption that said his party had been taken "outta context."

Since the media and Internet took my before camp party outta context , I had to switch up my party strategy .  So tonight I'll be inviting everyone to my back to business party . Featuring DJ @DonaldTrump on the 1's and 2's . Special invited guests @RexRyan , @chipKelly ,@Rogergodell , my man Barack .oprah, Carli Llyod , and even that terrible waiter with the awful service from the burger joint is invited. Don't bring your Id because there won't be any alcohol anyway.  Open smoothie bar all night tho . Don't worry bout the confidentiality agreement. No only are ladies invited but everyone is invited , except hulk hogan he can't come . Maybe even @meekmill and @drake will hit the stage together . Turn up time party time !!!! #shadyinvite #djdonald #donaldplaylist  #billsmafia #smoothiebar #byebyeoffseason

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It wasn't immediately clear from McCoy's latest posting if the party went on as planned.

McCoy had posted an invitation for the Sunday night party to Instagram on Thursday afternoon but removed the post later that day. The invitation had used a Bills logo behind a head shot of McCoy, and the team told McCoy he wasn't permitted to use the logo without its permission.

"We have reached out to LeSean and informed him that players are not permitted to use team marks for personal use without prior permission from the team," the statement said.

Women attending the party were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, according to a response sent from the email address listed on the Instagram post.

McCoy's publicist Damian Jordan clarified to Philly.com on Friday morning that while only women were being invited, the party would include McCoy's male friends, too.

Bills players must report to training camp July 30 at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, New York.