Junior Galette civil lawsuit dismissed

METAIRIE, La. -- A civil suit against Washington Redskins linebacker Junior Galette was dismissed Monday in a Louisiana court after his accuser failed to pursue the case.

The suit was filed by the same woman who accused Galette and his cousin of injuring her in a January incident that led to an arrest for domestic violence -- but the case was dismissed by authorities after an investigation.

The woman followed up with a civil suit alleging three years of sexual, physical and mental abuse. But she never pursued any criminal charges with any of those accusations. And her attorney withdrew from the case in March, saying his client had been "uncooperative and inaccessible," though he said her case had merit.

The woman was served with papers requiring her to either hire another attorney or appear in court to pursue the case, and she never did so.

"God is good. The truth came out. It's unfortunate it took this long, but the court system served me justice," Galette said Monday. "I'm just blessed. I'm happy. I knew it was going to get dropped because I never did anything wrong. I'm just happy and blessed to have my name cleared.

"It's unfortunate you have to go through all this stuff, the negative stigma that surrounds your name with that whole domestic thing when it was never really that case. It was an emotional cycle the past six months. [But] everything happens for a reason. My talent will speak for itself. People across the league know my character."

"From day one, we were confident that the frivolous civil suit and meritless criminal case would be swiftly dismissed," Galette's attorney, Ralph Whalen, said in a statement. "The civil suit came only after we flatly rejected her ex-lawyer's shakedown to pay her $2 million in exchange for their not filing this baseless suit.

"Now, Junior can focus on football and put this incident, where he did nothing wrong, behind him."

Galette, 27, was released by the New Orleans Saints last month after a pattern of off-the-field issues, including some conflicts within the locker room and the emergence of a 2013 video that showed a man who appeared to be Galette hitting a woman with a belt during a brawl that involved several people.

Galette is not facing criminal charges for any of the alleged assaults, though, and the NFL has not announced any plans to discipline Galette after meeting with him earlier this summer.

The Redskins signed Galette to a one-year, minimum-salary contract after he was released by the Saints, expressing confidence in his remorse and his desire to make the most of a second chance.

Galette led the Saints with 22 sacks over the past two seasons. The former undrafted free agent was released less than one year after signing a four-year, $41.5 million contract extension.

Information from ESPN.com Redskins reporter John Keim contributed to this report.