Courtroom sketch artist to Tom Brady: 'I'm sorry'

Courtesy Jane Rosenberg

The latest victim of Deflategate? A New York City courtroom sketch artist named Jane Rosenberg. Her rendering of the Tom Brady/NFL hearing (see above) went viral earlier on Wednesday -- and not in a good way.

When VICE Sports reached Rosenberg for comment, she was apologetic: "Tell Tom Brady I'm sorry. He's a very good looking guy, and if I didn't make him look good enough, I'll try harder next time."

But in an interview with The Boston Globe, Rosenberg was a bit more direct: "I don't tend to flatter people and make them look beautiful," adding that Brady was often checking his cell phone during the hearing. "He hardly looked up at all."

More from Rosenberg's interview with VICE: "I'm working very quickly. Obviously I have a lot of pressure on me, and it's time pressure. It's lucky if I have a few minutes. So I'm just trying to grab onto something, just as quick as I can. Now, this Tom Brady thing, I did this whole wide shot with a million people in it. And everybody's focusing on that one little fraction of the whole picture, of Tom Brady."

All fair points.

Now we await a potential sketch encore, as Brady & Co. will be back in court on Aug. 19. Rosenberg would be wise to call in sick, lest she get engulfed by #deflategatetwitter once again.