Uni Watch Power Rankings: Best-dressed cities (two-team division)

Uni Watch ranks the 11 cities with two major pro sports teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) based upon uniform attractiveness. (The rankings of the 20 cities with three or more teams can be found here.)

The rankings are based on each city's average Uniform Numerical Index, or UNI: Each team's uniform set was ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, with points potentially being added or subtracted for intangibles that affect the fan's visual experience, such as a particularly attractive ballpark or a domed football stadium.

1. Kansas City

Hey, if you have only two big-name uniform sets in town, you might as well make them count. K.C. does, with the Royals and Chiefs both near the top of their respective leagues. Nicely done.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Chiefs: 8, Royals: 8.5. UNI: 8.25

2. Buffalo

Start with one of the NFL's better-looking teams, add a decent-looking NHL franchise (which would look even better if not for the unnecessary chest piping), and you have a perfectly respectable-looking sports scene. Now pass the wings.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Bills: 8.5, Sabres: 5. UNI: 6.75

3. Indianapolis

Indy would rank higher if the Colts played in an outdoor stadium. Come on, this isn't the snow belt -- why play under a dome?

UNI WATCH SCORE: Colts: 8, Pacers: 6.5, Intangibles: Minus points for Lucas Oil Stadium's dome (-2). UNI: 6.25

T4. San Diego

If the Chargers went with powder blue as their primary look and the Padres went back to their brown roots, San Diego would probably be at the top of this chart. For now, though, a good-looking football team plus MLB's most characterless baseball team equals a ranking in the middle of the pack.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Chargers: 9, Padres: 3. UNI: 6

T4. Baltimore

Lots to like at Camden Yards, a good-looking ballpark that's home to a good-looking team. But Charm City would be a lot more charming if the Ravens cut back on the purple, or at least went with a less eccentric number font.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Ravens: 3.5, Orioles: 7.5, Intangibles: Bonus point for Camden Yards (1). UNI: 6

T6. Seattle

Emerald, shmemerald. Three years in, the Seahawks' neon green accents still don't work. Good-looking baseball team in town, though.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Seahawks: 4, Mariners: 7. UNI: 5.5

T6. Milwaukee

The Bucks' new set, with its innovative use of cream tones, is a major upgrade. Maybe it'll inspire the Brewers to get a makeover -- and not a moment too soon.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Brewers: 3.5, Bucks: 7.5. UNI: 5.5

8. Nashville

The coolest sports-related sight in Music City is the Nashville Sounds' guitar-shaped scoreboard. The problem is that the Sounds are a minor league team.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Titans: 5.5, Predators: 3. UNI: 4.25

9. Charlotte

No team in pro sports is more overdue for an overhaul than the Panthers, whose hopelessly dated look is stuck somewhere between the 1990s and the arena league. Here's hoping Nike is working on a redesign as we speak.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Panthers: 2.5, Hornets: 5. UNI: 3.75

10. New Orleans

In a party town like New Orleans, where people can walk around town with open containers of alcohol, is there anything less festive than to see the Saints wearing solid black while playing indoors? Come on, people -- wear some color and play outside in the elements!

UNI WATCH SCORE: Saints: 5, Pelicans: 4, Intangibles: Minus points for the Superdome (-2). UNI: 3.5

11. Cincinnati

In a big-market town, the other teams could conceivably make up for the Bengals' awful costumes, but not in a two-team city like Cincinnati. Poor Cincy never had a chance.

UNI WATCH SCORE: Bengals: 1.5, Reds: 5. UNI: 3.25