Golden Tate surprised by Percy Harvin's claims about time in Seattle

DEARBORN, Mich. -- Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate said he was surprised by some of the comments made by his former Seattle Seahawks teammate Percy Harvin, but he never held any jealousy toward Harvin after he joined the Seahawks in a 2013 trade.

"Once he came to the Seahawks, actually, [general manager] John Schneider called me and Pete Carroll called me and told me it wasn't going to affect my role," Tate said. "So I left it at that. There was never any jealousy on my end. I was excited to get him on the field with us. I think his role in Seattle and my role in Seattle were different, so there was no need for me to be jealous."

Harvin told the Buffalo News he felt Tate and Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin "were acting like kids" after Harvin joined the Seahawks. Harvin ended up in fights with both Tate and Baldwin and said the two viewed Harvin "as a threat, rather than a teammate."

Tate said he believes everything with Harvin was "just a misunderstanding" between Harvin, Tate and Baldwin. Tate said he was "a bit surprised" by Harvin's comments, given that the two have not played with each other in more than a year.

Tate said that after Seattle beat the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl -- the most recent time he played with Harvin -- the two congratulated each other and told each other they enjoyed playing together. He said the most recent time he spoke with or saw Harvin was during the team's White House visit in spring 2014, soon after Tate signed with the Lions in free agency. The two could have another opportunity to see each other during the preseason finale in September, when the Buffalo Bills travel to Ford Field to face the Lions.

As for what happened in Seattle, Tate said multiple times that it was a misunderstanding and when he first came into the league, he wanted to model his game after Harvin's.

"I wanted to win a Super Bowl that year, and that was all I wanted, and that was all I cared about," Tate said. "So I think it was just a misunderstanding between him and I.

"I know it didn't work out with the Vikings, the Seahawks or the Jets, so I hope the best for him up there in Buffalo. I think it's a great fit for him, and I want to see him ball out."